Sunday, June 22, 2008

Converting from Standard to Enterprise Edition

1. Install enterprise edition on a separate home
2. create pfile of the existing database and move to enterprise home
3. move the password file to enterprise home or create new password file
4. backup the database.
5. switch paths, sid, and other oracle home related properties to enterprise home
6. startup the database
7. run catalog, catproc and utlrp scripts
8. de-install the standard software

Database version must be same. (ie. if standard is on enterprise should also be on

if versions are different then replace steps 6 and 7 with

6. startup the database in upgrade/migrate mode.
7. run catupgrd.sql script of the current patch set level

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The only way to properly convert from an Enterprise Edition back to a Standard Edition is through an Export/Import operation. This way you will get rid of all Enterprise Edition specific Data Dictionary objects, as the SYS schema objects are not exported. The Standard Edition EXP utility is preferred to be used to export the data.

After the Import in the Standard Edition database, you only need to drop all user schemas related to Enterprise Edition features, such as the MDSYS account (used with Oracle Spatial).

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