Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ADMon 2.0

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What's new on ADMon 3.1

Two outlier detection methods have been added to ADMon. One is the modified Z-Score method and the other is the Box Plot method. Under box plot method it is possible to detect either mild outliers or extreme outliers.

Once an outlier is detected it could be handle in seven different ways. These could be configured under setup -> Outlier Handling.


What's new on ADMon 3.3
One Click Save : Save the output you see on ADMon to a preset file location (Defaults to Desktop on Windows and home directory on Linux).
Table data could be saved to an Excel file (xlsx or xls format).
Graphs could be saved as either PNG or JPG files.
Both table data and graphs saved in single PDF file.
File formats and locations could be changed with setup -> One Click Save