Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Silent installation highlights

Install the software only. In this case standard edition installation is done.

./runInstaller -responseFile /home/oracle/database/response/standard.rsp -silent

Patchset installation ( Set OCM ignore configuration to true
# Datatype : Boolean
# Description : This is set to true to ignore OCM configuration page display.
# Metalink credentials.
# Valid values : true,false
# Default value : false
# Mandatory : No
And run patch installation
./runInstaller -silent -responsefile /home/oracle/Disk1/response/patchset.rsp

Run net configuration assistant. Only difference is instead of (-) for command line parameters should use (/).
netca /silent /responsefile /home/oracle/database/response/netca.rsp

Finally the database creation. Set EMCONFIGURATION to LOCAL.
dbca -silent -responsefile /home/oracle/database/response/dbca.rsp
These are only the highlights, values within the rsp files must be set correctly.