Friday, October 14, 2011

Upgrading from to - Part 2

Metalink notes related to to upgrade

Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from to [ID 1276368.1]
Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [ID 1189783.1]
Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure [ID 1312225.1]
ASM 11gR2: How To Upgrade An ASM Instance To Release 11gR2 (11.2)? [ID 950200.1]
Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation or Upgrade may fail due to Multicasting Requirement [ID 1212703.1]
Oracle Database Upgrade Path Reference List [ID 730365.1]
Upgrade Advisor: Database from 10.2 to 11.2 [ID 251.1]
Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to 11gR2 [ID 837570.1]
RACcheck Upgrade Readiness Assessment [ID 1457357.1]
Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure/ASM [ID 1363369.1]