Thursday, November 24, 2011


I was tired of not having something similar to emconsole for standard edition databases.

So I developed APConsole.

APConsole Features
  • Operational when CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS is set to none where performance views don't get populated.
  • Does not use any of the views mentioned in diagnostic pack nor tuning pack.
  • One APConsole installation monitors Oracle Database 10gR2 through 11gR2.
  • Works with both single instance and Real Application Cluster Databases.
  • Get performance visualisation of Standby databases, even physical standby databases in mount mode. (Not open as read only with 11g active data guard feature).
  • Monitor multiple wait classes and none related wait events in a single performance view.
  • Drill down IO Functions by file types.
  • View multiple IO Functions in a single performance view with respective file types.
  • APConsole is a client side tool with only read operations on the database without any write overhead.
  • Easy access to historical data and extract historical performance views as PDFs or image files.
  • Email performance views as a scheduled notification or on request with few clicks.
  • Send email notification using standard email server or using free email services (Hotmail, Gmail). Other emailing servers could be integrated to APConsole on request.
  • APConsole allows performance views to be saved quickly and easily.
  • Save multiple performance views into single PDF or as PNG images.
  • Set desired degree of granularity for wait event reporting which range from microseconds to seconds.
  • Set threshold values on wait class level or on event level to filter out low value events.
  • Set number of hours visible on the performance views.
  • Change the look and feel of APConsole to fit the client OS and APConsole behaviour to fit DBAs needs.

Full Page Demo

Comparison of EM Console vs APConsole
APCosnole has a longer x-axis than EM Cosnole therefore the graph's shape may seemed wider but time values are same and also the y-axis values.

Waits (APConsole vs EM Console)

IO Throughput (APConsole vs EM Console)

IO Rate (APConsole vs EM Console)

IO Type : Throughput (APConsole vs EM Console)

IO Type : Rate (APConsole vs EM Console)

Database load was generated with DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER.CALIBRATE_IO which gave the output of max_iops = 119, latency = 7, max_mbps = 19