Tuesday, January 10, 2012


KFOD tool available in ASM Home (Grid Home) in 11gR2 and Oracle Home in other versions (11gR1 and 10gR2) gives a view of disks from the operating systems point of view. This is useful in diagnosting disk access errors in ASM.

Options available wth KFOD
kfod help=y
_asm_a/llow_only_raw_disks              KFOD allow only raw devices [_asm_allow_only_raw_disks=TRUE/(FALSE)]
_asm_l/ibraries         ASM Libraries[_asm_libraries=lib1,lib2,...]
_asms/id                ASM Instance[_asmsid=sid]
a/sm_diskstring         ASM Diskstring [asm_diskstring=discoverystring, discoverystring ...]
c/luster                KFOD cluster [cluster=TRUE/(FALSE)]
db/_unique_name         db_unique_name for ASM instance[db_unique_name=dbname]
di/sks          Disks to discover [disks=raw,asm,all]
ds/cvgroup              Include group name [dscvgroup=TRUE/(FALSE)]
g/roup          Disks in diskgroup [group=diskgroup]
h/ostlist               hostlist[hostlist=host1,host2,...]
metadata_a/usize                AU Size for Metadata Size Calculation
metadata_c/lients               Client Count for Metadata Size Calculation
metadata_d/isks         Disk Count for Metadata Size Calculation
metadata_n/odes         Node Count for Metadata Size Calculation
metadata_r/edundancy            Redundancy for Metadata Size Calculation
n/ohdr          KFOD header suppression [nohdr=TRUE/(FALSE)]
p/file          ASM parameter file [pfile=parameterfile]
s/tatus         Include disk header status [status=TRUE/(FALSE)]
v/erbose                KFOD verbose errors [verbose=TRUE/(FALSE)]

More on metalink note ASM tool to check access to ASM disks [ID 1359873.1]