Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ORA-00942 for WMSYS.OWM_MIG_PKG When Upgrading from to

"ORA-06512: at "WMSYS.OWM_MIG_PKG", line 1579" was observed while upgrading enterprise edition to Upgrade was continued selecting the ignore option. Show below is the output from the upgrade result summary.

If after the upgrade the database registry shows the status valid for oracle workspace manager then this error could be safely ignored.
COMP_ID                        COMP_NAME                                STATUS     VERSION
------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------- -----------
EM                             Oracle Enterprise Manager                VALID
OWB                            OWB                                      VALID
APEX                           Oracle Application Express               VALID
AMD                            OLAP Catalog                             VALID
SDO                            Spatial                                  VALID
ORDIM                          Oracle Multimedia                        VALID
XDB                            Oracle XML Database                      VALID
CONTEXT                        Oracle Text                              VALID
EXF                            Oracle Expression Filter                 VALID
RUL                            Oracle Rules Manager                     VALID
OWM                            Oracle Workspace Manager                 VALID
CATALOG                        Oracle Database Catalog Views            VALID
CATPROC                        Oracle Database Packages and Types       VALID
JAVAVM                         JServer JAVA Virtual Machine             VALID
XML                            Oracle XDK                               VALID
CATJAVA                        Oracle Database Java Packages            VALID
APS                            OLAP Analytic Workspace                  VALID
XOQ                            Oracle OLAP API                          VALID
RAC                            Oracle Real Application Clusters         VALID

Useful metalink notes
ORA-00942 during database upgrade of Oracle Workspace Manager [ID 1399508.1]
Post-Upgrade Status Script utlu112s.sql Fails with ORA-942 [ID 1051991.1]
ORA-20194 And ORA-01720 During Upgrade of Oracle Workspace Manager When Upgrading from to [ID 1666657.1]

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