Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cluster Verify Utility

Checking the Operating System Requirements Setup with CVU

runcluvfy.sh comp sys -n node_list -p {crsdatabase}-osdba osdba_group -orainv orainv_group -verbose
eg: runcluvfy.sh comp sys -n racserver1,racserver2 -p crs -osdba crs -orainv oinstall

CVU to Determine if Installation Prerequisites are Complete

runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n node_list

eg: runcluvfy.sh stage -pre crsinst -n racserver1,racserver2

Checking for Available Shared Storage with CVU

Requires cvuqdisk-1.0.1-1.rpm installed on all nodes. This rpm is available in the clusterware installation.
  • To check for all shared file systems available across all nodes
runcluvfy.sh comp ssa -n node_list

eg: runcluvfy.sh comp ssa -n racserver1,racserver2
  • To check the shared accessibility of a specific shared storage
runcluvfy.sh comp ssa -n node_list -s storageID_list

eg: runcluvfy.sh comp ssa -n racserver1,racserver2 -s /dev/sdb1

Verifying System Readiness for installing Oracle Database with CVU

runcluvfy.sh stage -pre dbinst -n node1,node2 -verbose

eg: runcluvfy.sh stage -pre dbinst -n racserver2,racserver1

Verifying Requirements for DBCA

runcluvfy.sh stage -pre dbcfg -n node1,node2 -d Oracle_home_path

eg: runcluvfy.sh stage -pre dbcfg -n racserver1,racserver2 -d $ORACLE_HOME

Verifying Node Connection

runcluvfy.sh comp nodecon -n node1,node2

eg: runcluvfy.sh comp nodecon -n racserver1,racserver2

Verify Hardware and OS setup

runcluvfy.sh stage -post hwos -n node1,node2

eg: runcluvfy.sh stage -post hwos -n racserver1,racserver2

Clusterware diagnostics

runcluvfy.sh stage -post crsinst -n racserver1,racserver2

Tracing CVU
export CV_TRACELOC=/tmp/cvutrace # directory for trace files
export SRVM_TRACE=true

runcluvfy.sh stage -post crsinst -n racserver1,racserver2
tracefiles will be generated in /tmp/cvutrace