Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Equivalent 11.2 Clusterware commands for Deprecated commands

Deprecated Command          Equivalent 11.2 Command
crs_stat                    crsctl stat resource
crsctl check cssd           crsctl check css
crsctl check crsd           crsctl check crs
crsctl check evmd           crsctl check crs
crs_register                crsctl add resource
crs_unregister              crsctl delete resource
crs_start                   crsctl start resource
crs_stop                    crsctl stop resource / crsctl stop cluster
crs_getperm                 crsctl getperm resource
crs_profile                 crsctl add resource
crs_relocate                crsctl relocate resource
crs_setperm                 crsctl setperm resource
crsctl debug log            crsctl set log / crsctl set trace
crsctl set css votedisk     crsctl add css votedisk
crsctl start resources      crsctl start resource
crsctl stop resources       crsctl stop resource

Full word resource could be shorten to 'res'

crsctl status res is same as crsctl status resource